Mahale Mountains National Park


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The Mahale Mountains also known as Nkungwe named after the safari parks largest mountain is located in western Tanzania bordering Lake Tanganyika.

mahale mountains
Just like its northerly neighbour Gombe stream, this park is home to some of Africa’s remaining wild chimpanzees. The population of these chimpanzees is estimated to be 1,000 with each chimpanzee named, its family ties identified, and its individual behavior studied. Visitors can approach to within a few feet as they feed, groom and wrestle across the forest floor.

While the chimpanzee is the star attraction, the slopes support a diverse forest fauna including vervet monkeys, blue and red tailed monkeys, red Colobus, yellow baboons, bush babies, blue duiker, hyrax, civet, and an array of bird species.

Getting there:

This Park is inaccessible by road. The best option is to get on a weekly steamer from Kigoma seven hours then hire a local fishing boat for another one or two hours. Alternatively you can charter a flight from Kigoma, Arusha or Dar then take on a motor boat from Kigoma to Mahale.