Uganda Safaris

Uganda has a total area of about 236,000km²band is bounded by Sudan in the North, Kenya in the east, and Tanzania in the South, Rwanda in the southwest and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in the west and northwest.

It is a land locked country straddling the Equator between 4°N and 1°S. Of the total area 33,926 km² is open water, 194,000 km² is dry land and 7,674 km² permanent swamps.

The greater part of Uganda consists of a plateau about 4,000 ft in height. Along the western border of the Rwenzori Mountains reaching heights of over 16,000 ft, while on the eastern frontier Mount Elgon rises to 14,178 ft. By contrast, the Western Rift Valley, which runs from north to south through the western half of the country, is as low as 3,000 ft on the floor of Lake Edward and Lake George and 2,000 ft on the flow of Lake Albert.

Uganda has a wide range of habitats ranging from snow capped mountain tops in the west to semi arid areas in the north east, rain forests in the centre and west to open waters of numerous lakes.