Mount Rwenzori Tours

Hikers world over continue to flock East Africa due to the exciting hiking safari programs to Mt. Kenya, Mt. Rwenzori, Mt. Kilimanjaro and other smaller Mountains.

It is a mountain range that covers 996km² formed after a massive up lift in the earths crust. The highest peak rises to 5109 metres above sea level with the range stretching some 120 km north / south and 48 km east / west. With 6 snow capped mountains Margherita Peak is the highest.

A trip into the Rwenzori Mountain is an exhilarating and rewarding experience but one which must be planned. The hike on the Rwenzori, the third mountain range (Highest non Volcanic) in Africa (Margherita Peak, 5109 metres) is a unique experience for whoever likes mountaineering.

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Within a few days you will go through five different vegetation zones, reaching an altitude of up to 4,372 metres.

Two Exciting Safari Programmes can be arranged for both the seasoned and new climbers.

The famous “Central Circuit” safari trail takes you from hut to hut, as you view the main Rwenzori Peaks. The level of difficulty of the circuit is not very high; therefore everybody can undertake this wonderful and exciting experience. The possibility is open for whoever wishes to climb the peaks, which involves an extension of one day per peak.

The “Rwenzori Short Safari Hike”, is an easier trial to satisfy any need, also the families with children, so that all could enjoy the beauty of the Rwenzori with lesser efforts.

Both (Central Circuit and Rwenzori Short Safari Hike) could be extended to visit the main parks and attractions of Uganda sSafari uch as Queen Elizabeth, Kibale Forest and Bwindi Forest (subject to gorilla permit availability at the time of booking).